Frequently Asked Questions

We are a naming service for startups. Our names are carefully crafted so that they tell a story, create emotions, have rich meanings and "feel", and give you the best opportunity to create a successful brand with the credibility of a .com domain.

Once your payment is received, you become the new owner of the domain. There are no leasing or recurrent costs. To keep your ownership, though, you will need to renew your domain registration yearly, with a domain registrar. We can renew it for you, or you can transfer it to any registrar of your choice.

All our names are in our portfolio and we have full control over each domain registration. Therefore, buying a name with us is instant and safe. We accept payments by credit card or bank transfer. If you prefer a different method of payment or you have any questions, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Yes. If you pay by wire you can transfer your domain as soon as we receive your payment at our end (it usually takes 2-5 days). With credit card payment, in order to avoid fraudulent charge-backs, you can transfer your domain after 60 days from your purchase. You don't need to wait, though: as soon as your credit card payment clears, we point your new domain to your name servers, so you can start using it right away.

Our domains can be used for a variety of businesses and industries, all over the world. Therefore, it's impossible to know in advance specifics about the use of the name that would be required in a trademark application.

We encourage you to talk to a lawyer for any legal advice regarding trademarks. You can also do some research about active trademarks here, here or here.

For the time being, no. We run a lean operation and want to keep things clear and simple for our customers.