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About Us

NameReel is a naming service for startups, built with love by ALRUX, a Canadian software company.

Having worked with plenty of startups, we know that, at some point, your name starts to matter. It's what your potential investors see before you make a pitch. It's the word that conveys your values to your customers before you even have a chance to explain "what you do". It's the name your employees are proud to wear on their t-shirts. And it does require a .com when you get serious about raising money.

That's why, our naming service helps you find a great name that supports your growth. And by suggesting meanings, feel and ideas for usage, we want to give you a running start to discover the marketing potential and broader impact on your startup.

We hope that one of our names will find a good home with your company. And when you hear people saying that they love your name, we wouldn't mind you telling them it's from us ;)

The ALRUX Team