Custom Naming

From a myriad words that can create a name, which ones are the best? And why?

Is the name for a product or a company? Is it clear and relevant? Will it create a lasting impression on the right people? Will they be able to find you online? Can you get a good matching domain? Will you be able to trademark it? Is it safe to use internationally?

We know that finding a good name is not an easy task. We can save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes because we've seen them already. The best name contenders we present you are truly the best because we start with understanding the "why's" and "what's" of your business. We clear all the hurdles in the right order, and put forward arguments for each name in a balanced way so that your final decision is fully informed and fearless.

Get more than just a name:

  • 4 best name contenders (additional provided if needed)
  • detailed meanings and possible directions for advertising and marketing
  • domain options
  • guidance for choosing the best name and presenting your options to your team
  • trademark research (optional)

Pricing: $1,900
(excludes additional names and trademark research)

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Brand Essentials

Whether you know it or not, you will have a brand. Even when you are not in the room, people perceive you in one way or another, based on their personal preferences, life experience and external circumstances.

To cut through the daily noise and influence that perception at every point of interaction with the world, you'll need more than just a logo. You need a plan.

Let us help you build the foundation of a strong connection with your audience. We ask the right questions and follow through a thorough process at each step. That delivers dependable results and makes working with us a breeze.

Let's plan for a powerful impact:

  • audience research (who are you helping?)
  • competitive research (what are their alternatives?)
  • brand positioning (what makes you special?)
  • brand core message (what do you believe in?)
  • brand personality (how should you be perceived?)

Pricing: starting at $4,500

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Identity Design

Have you ever wondered why you can recognize some brands behind ads even before seeing their logo?

Part of it is because they have a well thought identity system. Everything they use to communicate visually with the public is consistent in their appearance, style, look and feel. That helps them look established, be memorable and attract customers no matter who designs their marketing campaigns, or the medium they use to communicate they brand message.

If you are in a competitive market or an industry where good design is an entry requirement, we can help you establish a cohesive look that says "totally you".

Make great design part of who you are:

  • logo
  • color palette
  • typography
  • custom patterns & other graphic elements
  • design guidelines

Pricing: starting at $3,500

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